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Experiencing Guatemala With Fresh Eyes

I have had the great opportunity to come to Guatemala in 3 of the past 5 years. It took the first 2 trips to really feel comfortable here and not feel out of place.  My first trip was full of overwhelming emotions. Every site, sound, and smell was brand new, and I was filled with feelings of wonder and amazement, but also sadness. Sadness for the people I was leaving behind in Guatemala and sadness for the conditions they were enduring.   But at the end of my 2nd trip, I felt as if I had experienced most everything that was possible for a team to experience while here. I've taught classes, been to Gerona, done varying construction projects, eaten great food, seen some amazing sights, cried on the last day of seeing the kids I had grown close to, and the list goes on.  When I finally said yes to God's call to come to Guatemala this year, I started thinking back to my past trips, wondering if there was anything new to experience. Where would the feelings of w

Wilson Team - Mission Trip Recap Video

We are so thankful for Wilson Community Church and their continued support of Caroline’s Promise and the work in Guatemala. If you have a group or church interested in taking a trip with us, be sure to contact us by September!

Sponsorship and School Support Needs

Looking for a way to invest your time, money, or talents? There are two specific areas where we can use your help. We would love for you to partner with us in one of the following ways: Child Sponsorship Our most pressing need is for   sponsors in our Gerona Preschool Program .  We currently have 5 children who will have to leave the preschool if we can’t find sponsors for them. You can read more about how this Preschool Program got started here . Once we find sponsors for the Gerona preschool kids, we will have an ongoing need for sponsors of kids at Casita Adonai and the community of Gerona. Sponsorship costs $40 per month and helps cover tuition and/or food staples. Financial Support for Casita Adonai       One of our greatest burdens is finding a way to keep the doors of this school open.  Because of the poverty in the community, it is very hard for us to increase tuition and yet, we are required by law to pay the teachers a salary that they deserve, but th

Will you help Florecer to purchase sewing machines?

Caroline’s Promise artisan group, Florecer, is growing! Thanks to our new friend, Meredith Ferrell, the group has several new products to make, requiring higher quality sewing machines. We would like to be able to purchase 6 quality sewing machines. The average cost for each machine is $500. We have raised $510 to date.  Changing the world doesn’t mean giving hand outs. Changing the world means providing jobs, training, education, and sharing Jesus. By partnering with us to purchase sewing machines, you become a world changer. You are making an impact on an artisan’s life. It gives her work. Work gives her income to feed her children and pay tuition and gives her dignity. Worth and dignity. Partnering with us to provide sewing machines brings worth and dignity to women, children, and families living in an impoverished country. Be a world changer! You can donate here . We appreciate your support!