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The day you realize that it's working!

Days go by.  Partnership forms.  Conversations take place.  Hearts and ideas are shared.  Plans come together.  Plans Change.  And they change again.  Ministry is done. And the cycle starts all over.  Days go by.  And then one day you're scrolling through Facebook and you see a photo that takes your breath away.  And you realize that today is The day you realize that it's working! All of the praying, talking, sharing, mistakes made.  It's all working and God is changing lives and generations. This is the photo that did that for me.    It may seem like a normal photo of kids in Guatemala but there is more to the story.  Years ago we decided to start a child sponsorship program in our partner church, Iglesia Adonai.  We believed that the connection between child and sponsor would be an encouragement to the kids and that the financial support would keep the kids fed, clothed, and in school.  We dreamed that this program would produce leaders and change gen

Can you help us collect these items?

Our summer teams are working hard to prepare for awesome ministry in Guatemala. They are in need of supplies and we would love for you to help us spread the word. We are hoping to ship items by the middle of May, so if you can help buy purchasing or donating toward the purchase of supplies, please let us know. This would be a great project for a church, school, or community group. Here's what they need and how you can help: 800 bottles of children's chewable vitamins.  We cannot use gummies and we prefer quantities of around 60.  Any brand will work but here is an example of a Flinstones vitamin sold on Amazon for $5.99.   Other Medical Team Needs Chewable Acetaminophen or Chewable Motrin Skin creams with 1% clotrimazole, 1% hydrocortisone Antibiotic cream like Neomycin   (individual tubes can be found at the Dollar Store) Children's Cough and Cold Syrups Musical Instruments - Any band instruments, keyboards, guitars. Books for the Casita Librar