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Upcoming Mission Trips to Guyana and Guatemala

You are invited to join us for a week as we minister to orphans and vulnerable children! We have two trips coming up with the deadline of September 15 quickly approaching. Guyana, South America October 14 - 22, 2011 Guatemala December 26, January 1 To read more about what an experience in Guyana or Guatemala is like, type in "Guatemala" or "Guyana" into the key word search. If you've been feeling God say "go" - this is your opportunity! We would love to have you join us!

International Adoption Trends and a March in Washington

A recent post from The Christian Alliance for Orphans discusses international adoption trends and includes a powerful video on some of the reasons why inter - country adoptions to the U.S. dropped 50% from 2004-2010. The post also includes information on a March that will be held in Washington, DC on August 26. Read the post here

What Cam learned in Guatemala

One of the greatest joys that David and I have had as parents is watching our kids serve the Lord in Guatemala. This year they all three seemed to come alive as God opened doors for them to use their specific gifts and talents. Our middle child, Cameron is outgoing, full of energy, and has a heart as big as Guatemala! At the end of the week we asked all team members to process their trip and narrow it down to one sentence with a story to back it up. This is what Cam learned: "God taught me that I shouldn't judge people by the way they look or how they sound . If a kid looks happy he may not be on the inside. His Mom could have died and his Dad may have left them and he may be living with his Grandma. He may look happy on the inside but not really be happy on the inside. I met this little boy Jonathan. At first I thought he was maybe 4 years old but then I found out that he was 14. He has a disease and is very sick. I helped him eat and played patty cake with h

Journey to Moriah

We are the Armstrong Family. Mark and I were married in November 2000. Even before we were married we talked about adopting one day to add children to our family. How neat it has been to see God grow our family. He blessed us with the birth of our daughter Addison in 2005 and then our son Barr ett in 2008. We continued to talk about adoption but it wasn’t until December of 2009 that we felt God telling us to move forward. We didn’t know if we were to adopt domestically or internationally. We did know that God placed a desire in our hearts to adopt a child that had special needs. One night at church I was talking to a friend who was in the process of a domestic adoption. I told her our heart. The very next morning she sent us an email that her agency had sent out about a little boy in the Philippines who needed a forever family. His name was Moriah and he was 18 months old and was blind. That is where our journey to Moriah began. After several weeks of prayin

Liberty Baptist VBS raises money for Adoptive Family Grants

We were thrilled to learn that the kids at Liberty Baptist Church in Thomasville, NC had raised money at their summer Vacation Bible School for Caroline's Promise! They decided to apply their gift to our Adoptive Family Grants. Thanks kids for making a difference!

First Family in Plastic City asks Jesus into their hearts!

What a thrill to receive word from our Guyana Country Coordinator that the first family in Plastic City asked Jesus into their hearts last night! We are thanking God for all He has done and will continue to do in this forgotten part of the world! You can read Angie's post and enjoy her short video here.

What does Guyana look like?

So many people ask, "Where is Guyana?" Most think it is in Africa, but actually this tiny country is the only English speaking country in South America. The following video really gives you a feel for the community that we work in called Plastic City. The project is a beautiful partnership between the Guyanese Church and the North American Church. And God is doing amazing things th ere! We invite you to join us in reclaiming hope for orphans in Guyana. Plastic City Video

Forgotten little spot in the world

Chris from San Antonio, Texas recently visited Guyana, South America. We lo ve hearing these stories of lives impacted by their time with the kids! "My walk in faith took a new wonderfully unexpected turn in Plastic City. A new soft spot has been added in my heart after meeting many of the children living there and working with Angie and Geny on the sewing ministry. I love to sew and I went there expecting to help with the start up of a sewing program, to help teach women a new life skill. God always has so much more in store for us, if we can let go of our own plans. I did work with a wonderful group of women there and found myself in an age-old story of women coming together to sew, la ugh, share and support each other. While sewing was what brought us together, we were women working together to help each other become better people. Our group started out quiet and shy, but before time came to say our good byes, we had sewed buttons, measured, cut and pinned h

Brittany's thoughts on Guyana

How did the time spent in the Plastic City impact you? Plastic City is definitely a unique area. I have never visited an area like Plastic City in the many mission trips I’ve attended. I felt very privileged to be welcomed into PC by smiling faces of residents and especially the children – oh the kids are ADORABLE! Although our time was short, I hope to return to Plastic City someday, to visit friends and make new ones. What still lingers in your mind at this time? The faces of the kids and their eagerness & willingness to help and have responsibility. Debra. I miss her sweet face and soft spirit!!! Also, the living conditions that we saw while walking through PC. All poverty is striking, however PC hits you to the core, due to its location. How would you encourage another team that would want to come and serve there? I would let them know that they will forever be impacted and touched by the people they will get to work for and with during their time in PC.

They Matter

Recently Caroline's Promise began a sponsorship program for the children at The Ruimveldt Children's Home & Care Centre in Guyana, South America. We were on the ground when this home was built! Literally. One of our teams spent a week clearing the nasty lot that the home was built on. In the next few years we sent teams to help with construction of the home and our very own Angie Hemric spent several years there, helping them set up the home. Our goal all along was to assist and empower the local church in Guyana to run the home on their own. And they are doing just that! We are thrilled to continue supporting them by sending teams and assisting with projects. And of course Auntie Angie is a regular presence in the kids' lives. God made it clear that one of the best ways we could help them is through child sponsorship. For $35 a month you can sponsor one of these precious children which will assist with their educational needs. And of course you can visit the

A life impacted by a visit to Plastic City

Recently a group from Community Bible Church in San Antonio Texas visited our project in Guyana, South America. This group is not stranger to Guyana and our Country Coordinator, Angie Hemric was thrilled to have them help out for a few days. We've asked them to share a little about their experience and hope it will give you a glimpse into the amazing work that God is doing in Plastic City. "Being a backpacker has made me aware of just how many things I really DON'T need! What things DO we really need? ...... food, water, shelter, clothes. I can fit these essentials into a backpack. The things we have beyond that is all just "stuff". What I "Want" and what I "need" are worlds apart. Then I saw the homes in Plastic City. It almost makes me embarrassed when I think of all the things I have that remain unused.....closets filled with clothes I haven't worn in years......hobby supplies for projects I just knew I'd do someday.....

Upcoming Mission Trips

Our next trip to Guyana, South America is October 14 - 22, 2011 . This small team will minister to the country's most vulnerable children in an area known as Plastic City. This trip is for anyone who is passionate about kids and wants to play a vital role in breaking the cycle of poverty. You will be immersed in the culture as you help with the PAL tutoring program and assist with community outreach projects. You will also minister at Ruimveldt Children's Home & Care Centre. No special skills are needed, besides a love for kids - but if you have an interest in sewing or community development this trip may be for you! Cost is $2040. Christmas Break in Guatemala! December 26 - January 1 . Visit our partner church and school, Casita Adonai. Light construction at the school, community outreach and Christmas parties. We will also visit Kairos, a home for families whose children are receiving treatment for cancer. No special skills are needed but we are looking for

Why go to Guyana? Stephanie's Story

Recently I have been thinking and talking a lot about Guyana and about my next trip this October. I am praying that God speaks to people about “catching the vision” for Guyana. It made me think that I should put down on paper what makes me yearn to return…why should someone go to the unknown? What speaks to my heart about Guyana? What makes it a good fit for people to go on a Guyana mission trip? My first trip to Guyana South America, to serve in the Plastic City area, was in Oct 2010. Previously I had been to Uganda Africa and several trips to Guatemala. I have ties to Guatemala through the adoption of my daughter, but even before that had been on mission trips there. It was a surprise to myself that I felt the call to go to Guyana on a mission trip. GUYANA? I only knew where it was because of CP’s work there. Otherwise I would have never known! It is not easy to switch to an unknown. But I found out that following God’s call is immensely rewarding and He knew my heart

What does $35 a month mean to you?

Amber Gravley will be a Sophomore in College this fall. During her last year of High School she did her Senior Project on orphans and was able to educate hundreds of people about their needs. She went above and beyond and collected hundreds of pairs of shoes and socks that were given to needy children during the summer of 2010. We didn't think Amber would be going with us to Guatemala this summer, but plans changed and we were blessed to have her join us! Her heart was changed and now she's on a find sponsors for all the kids at Casita Adonai in Guatemala City. Thanks for making a difference Amber! What does $35 a month mean to you? To me $35 a month means a child in Guatemala is able to go to a safe and private school each day. In Guatemala City the public schools aren’t safe. Many gangs try to get children in public schools to join in with them. My family sponsors Juan Diego . He is seven years old and he has a little brother Ricard

How will you celebrate Orphan Sunday?

Orphan Sunday is November 6, 2011 Caroline's Promise is excited about all of the amazing opportunities to promote Orphan Sunday this year! If we can help your church by providing a special speaker or project please contact us. In the meantime be sure to check out the Orphan Sunday Website where you will find videos, music, sermon notes, Bible studies, and lots of creative ideas!