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How Casita has changed and helped children

Over the last few years, we have been able to travel to Guatemala. It has been a pleasure to spend time with the teachers and children. Seeing how things are different from the schools we attend and being here is an eye opener.  The school is a magical place, I think, for the kids. Seeing the school 7 years ago and now, it has changed dramatically. I remember when the school was just stones and wooden pillars, and the rain could fall into the classrooms. The school is a safe place for the kids to be kids, play, and learn.  The kids today were really excited to see us. When we did Master Builder, the kids were quiet and paid attention. They showed us the same behavior in the classroom. The children had fun learning about Moses and the burning bush. They did each craft how they were told and had fun playing the games. This really showed us that they are being well taken care of while in Casita. The impact we make on these children – whether donating, sponsoring, coming to

The Impact of Years of Sponsorship

Last Wednesday afternoon, Bob Beaver had the opportunity to meet his sponsor child who he has had the privilege of investing in for the past six years. This was a special day for Bob since he not only got to meet his sponsor child, but also her mom, who is a single mom  to three girls.  Bob and his wife Joy are long time supporters of Caroline’s Promise and have been there since the very beginning.  Bob had the opportunity to meet not only his sponsor child during this trip, but also her sister and mother Marta. Katherine’s mom Marta is a teacher at our partner school, Casita Adonai. Katherine’s mom said that the help they have received through our sponsorship program has made an enormous impact in their lives. This partnership has allowed Katherine’s mom to help provide for her family through some very difficult times. Marta explained how the Beaver’s commitment to love and serve her family means so much to her as a single mother.  Partnering with Caroline’s Promise g

Thank you for your donations!

Thank you to all who donated dresses for the Quinceañera in Guatemala this summer! It was a beautiful celebration and such a pleasure to celebrate these girls. We appreciate you!

Things Change for a Reason

Meetings, Dates, Deadlines: us humans spend so much time trying to control the time given to us on this Earth, that we become obsessed with making sure everything goes according to plan. However it's only when things take an unexpected turn and we are forced to leave our comfort zones when God is able to get to work. This year's trip to Guatemala was by no means similar to the year previous in the aspect of scheduling. Last year was pretty smooth sailing with minimal obstacles diverging us from our plan. This year however was completely different. While the purpose of this trip was to help and interact with the kids in Gerona, God decided that he wanted us to help at the Church as well. Even on the very first day that our team arrived in Guatemala our plans changed. What was originally going to be a rest day to acclimate ourselves, turned into us moving 900 cement blocks up to the third floor of the church. However I believe that God had those blocks delivered at that

The Power of a Smile

     In Guatemala, it doesn’t really matter where you look; you will find a smile. Smiles are found on the Guatemalan people, the American people, or even in the mirror, and the smiles are truly infectious. If you are having a rough day, or are just exhausted, a smile could be just what you need. There is truly nothing as powerful as a smile.       I sponsor a young boy in Gerona, a suburb of Guatemala City, through Caroline’s Promise. I began sponsoring him last year, but never had the opportunity to meet my sponsor child. One of the Caroline’s Promise leaders gave me the sad news that I would have to find a child to sponsor because my child hadn’t been active in the ministry. I was crushed to say the least. Meeting my sponsor child was one of the driving forces behind returning to Guatemala, and it was something that was seeming like it wouldn’t happen, but then I got a tap on the shoulder and was told to come outside. There he was; The kid I had traveled over 2,000 miles to see

How I found my purpose in Caroline’s Promise

It’s hard to find the words for my first mission trip. It’s even harder to find the words to describe my incredible experience.   I was clueless when it came to mission trips and I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I didn’t know what my purpose was on the trip. “What is God’s plan for me?” I asked myself as we took off for Guatemala.   Soon enough, God showed me that I was supposed to be where I was.   Immediately after landing in Guatemala, I felt the amount of love and care that Caroline’s Promise gives the people of Guatemala. Children would swarm our team giving hugs, smiles and waves. They were so grateful and excited we had arrived.   From our girls retreat, helping promote self-love, and trusting the Lord to teaching the younger kids about the importance of The Armor of God, every minute was precious.  I never knew so much could be accomplished in a week.   It was amazing to watch Ruth, Valerie and Melissa teach the women of Florecer how to support them