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An unexpected lunch date, listening to God, and an old tree

Last week God gave me an unexpected gift.  A few hours with a friend I have known for several years but have not seen in months. I woke up that morning with the idea that I should give her a gift.  But I was running short on time.  Our newest Caroline's Promise t-shirt immediately popped into my mind.  "That's crazy!"  I thought.  "I'm not giving her a t-shirt."   As I continued getting ready I could not get away from the idea that I should give her the shirt.  As the thought got stronger I began to sense that it was God leading me.  While drying my hair I heard "Share Isaiah 61 with her."  It didn't make sense to me but I grabbed a random card on the way out and wrote a note inside expressing how much I loved her and telling her to read the scripture on the shirt. The moment I picked her up she began sharing her heart.  It was like old times.  I was still not sure about giving her the t-shirt so I left it in the car.  Over lunch she tal

Update from Angie

  Three years ago Vreedenhoop Wesleyan Church adopted the local primary school.  The first step in the process was the establisment of a feeding program that first served fifty children and today serves one hundred and twenty-five.  The fire started there, but soon more wood was added with the idea of presenting each child a gift at Christmas.  How was this going to happen with 800+ students in the school?  No fear - it happened.  Hard working Sunday school teachers solicited businesses in the first year for donations and the members of the church gave and wa-la, every child had a smile on their face and a gift in their hand.  Now, in year three, the children of the Sunday School department and their teachers underwrite the entire cost and give time to purchase gifts, wrap them and sort them by grade and gender. On Thursday, December 6th, Christmas came to Vreedenhoop Primary School. Now, I can say that, and not mean just a gift, as many attribute Christmas only to the act of giving a

Merry Christmas from Caroline's Promise!

On behalf of our family, the Board of Directors, all of our wonderful volunteers, and our church partners in Guyana and Guatemala........ Merry Christmas! We are so thankful for all of your prayers and support through the past year and we pray that you will experience the love of Jesus as you celebrate him today!

Joy Beyond Measure

The Parker family has reason to celebrate this Christmas.  Tom and Amy Parker and their three children, Grace, Shane and Marta (who came home from Guatamala about five years ago), will soon welcome Jake age 9 and Joy age 10 from China into their family. Jake has a repaired heart defect and Joy is a child with dwarfism.  Because of their ages and special needs, Jake and Joy are considered difficult to place in an adoptive family.  But really, older children and children with special needs are just kids, kids who need a family.   Caroline's Promise is thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of bringing Jake and Joy into their forever family.    Our 2012 South Carolina grant will help the Parkers to pay their final travel and adoption expenses.  If you would like to join us in bringing Jake and Joy home, please consider an end-of-the year gift.   You can give by going to this link and chosing South Carolina Caroline's Promise under the fund tab. F

To Celebrate Christmas is to Celebrate Your Adoption

We love being a part of a worldwide community that cares for and advocates for orphans.  Abba Fund and Together for Adoption are part of that group!  We so appreciate what they do.  I thought this post by Dan Cruver was a great reminder of what God did through the birth of Jesus!  Enjoy:)  And check out the newest resources on the Together for Adoption page.  Lots of free sermons!

Please pray for two of our sponsored kids

I learned this week that two of our sweet sponsored kids lost their father unexpectedly.  He suffered from an issue with his brain and passed away after three days in the hospital.  He was 39 years old.  His sweet wife, Brenda attended Iglesia Adonai in Guatemala City faithfully.  Throughout the years I learned to expect her sweet smile to greet me no matter when I was at the church or school.  Her kids, Pablo and Paola were always with her and loved to interact with our teams.  Pablo is full of life, a typical boy who likes to do typical boy things.  But what has always stood out to me is that on Sunday mornings Pablo is always the first to stand up front and lead the group in worship.  And he's always the first to offer to pray for the group.  Pablo loves Jesus.  And he loves Casita Adonai and his church. Paola, his sister will begin classes at Casita Adonai in January, thanks to the amazing family that sponsors her.  These kids sadly are not the first to experience the loss

Help us reach our matching grant!

Maybe you have read that a friend of the ministry has given us a gift of $5000 to help build the new school in Guatemala City under the condition that we match that $5000 by Christmas Day.  Or maybe this is the first time you've heard about the project.  Either way we need you! As of today we have received $1035 toward the go al of $5000.  Your gift of a ny amount will help us reach the goal and what better feeling than to know that your gift is being dou bled!  If you are thinking about end of year giving, we encourage you to give now - be fore we reach the deadline.   Donate Now     Choose the fund, "Guatemala O rphan Projects"  Check out this short video and see why this projec t is so important! Don't forget our Hope Grows Christmas Contest!  Once you watch the video follow this link to enter and win great prizes !     Hope Grows in Guatemala: Building a School for Casita Adonai from Lisa Holbrook on Vimeo .

Honor your loved one or teacher and your gift will be matched!

You may have heard that we received a $5000 matching grant this week toward the construction of a new building for the church and school in Guatemala.  We are excited about the ways that God is going to provide and wanted to let you know that when you give a Gift With a Purpose that donation will be matched! There are two ways you can do this: Honor a special Teacher - $10 each Honor a loved one - $25 each We'll send you this beautiful Christmas card that you can give your loved one, acknowledging the gift.  Just follo w this link to order you r gifts and remember - your donation is matched 100%! If you haven't seen the video of the Ho pe Grows Project , check it out!  You'll be blessed!

Watch Melany's Story and Win Prizes!

Melany is a precious child living in one of the most difficult areas of Guatemala City.  She is a  student at our partner school, Casita Adonai.  This new video shows what life is like for Melany and her friends and why they desperately need a new school building. A friend of the ministry has given us a $5000 gift to help build the school in Guatemala on the condition that we can match it before Christmas Day! Instead of just asking you to help us spread the word, we want to give you an opportunity to receive   amazing gifts!  Gifts include 3 - $100 credits to a Caroline's Promise mission trip to Guatemala 1 - Coffee/tea set from Guatemala 1 - Wooden salad set from Africa 1 - Purse from Guatemala 4 - Hope Grows Long Sleeve T-Shirts Hope Grows Christmas Contest  Here's how it works!  From now through midnight Chris tmas Eve you will receive entries into the contest for each item below.  Simply comment at the bottom of this blog post and tell us w hat y

Looking for a meaningful Teacher Gift?

 Are you scratching your head, trying to find a teacher gift for all those wonderful people who invest in your kids? What teacher needs another coffee mug or hand lotion? This Christmas, Caroline's Promise is giving you a way to honor the teachers in your life while helping a teacher in Guatemala. When you donate $10, we'll use it to assist a teacher at our partner school in Guatemala City. These precious ladies make $120 a month and give so much to the kids at Casita Adonai. In return, we'll mail you a beautiful Christmas Card that you can give to your teacher, acknowledging the gift given in their honor. If you still need a gift for that hard to buy for person, please consider giving a Gift with Purpose.   Our partner school in Guatemala City is in desperate need of a new building.  Your gift of $25 or more will help make that possible!  In return, we'll mail you this beautiful Christmas Card that you can give to your loved one, acknowledging the gift

2013 Mission Trips to Guatemala

Join us in Guatemala Next Summer! We have just announced dates for our 2013 Summer Mission Trips to Guatemala!  Now is the time to pray and make decisions.  Application and $100 non refundable deposit are due January 15.  Consider asking for the deposit as a Christmas gift!  There will be an Orientation/Training for anyone who has never been with Caroline's Promise on a short term trip - Saturday, February 16. Wilson Community Church Team June 21 - 29, 2013 - open to WCC Members Only. Family Team   June 28 - July 6, 2013.  Open to adults (18 and up) and their children (10 and up)                                                                Adults without children are also welcome.                                                                Focus will be dental & medical clinic & kids' ministry Camp team - July 5 - 13, 2013.              Open to adults (18 and up) and teens (15 & up) with a parent                                      

Visit us at our Open Houses this Christmas!

This Christmas season Caroline's Promise is hosting several Open Houses. At these events you can shop for fair trade gifts with free gift wrap, check out great local businesses, and give gifts that support orphans and vulnerable children. Open House Dates: Friday, December 7 Open House - Juicy Java - 500 Pineview Drive, Kernersville.  Behind Hams                                    9am - 2pm  Sunday, December 9  Open House at The Holbrook's - 1950 Beeson Road, Kernersville                                     (in Colfax)  1:30pm - 5:30pm.  Stop by for dessert, coffee, and                                    great shopping with free gift wrap! If you would like for us to bring our items to your business or social event please contact us today! You can also shop for some of our fair trade events at our website Our Gifts with a Purpose allow s you to donate to Caroline's Promse in honor or memory of a loved one or teacher. For eac

Happy Adoption Day Caroline!

  Happy Adoption Day Caroline ! Has it really been 9 years since we welcomed Caroline into our family?  My, how time flies!  December 1, 2003 was a beautiful, summer day in Guatemala City.  David, the boys, and both of our Moms were with us the moment they brought her into the room at Hannah's Hope and placed her in our arms.  We had waited so long, but in that moment we realized it had all been worth it!  It's hard to imagine life without Caroline.  She is loving, sweet, easy going, and selfless.  Some of my favorite memories are watching her with her friends in Guatemala.  We are so thankful for the opportunities God has given us for her to love and be loved by people in her birth country.  It truly is a gift. To all of you who prayed for her and us during the adoption process - thank you.  For those who gave sacrificially to help us bring her home - words could never express our gratitude.  And for those who choose to invest in her day after da